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Don't Be So Base

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...in sleep he sang to me, in dreams he came...
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Don't Be So Base

Don't Be So Base is an LJ community for people to post their bases in.

bases are pictures cropped down to icon size with no icon "dressings".

Basemaking tips and Cropping Guide bykaranna1

-Anyone can post so as long as you join. The post must consist of bases only. There is to be NO ADVERTISING here! No exceptions! If I find any post that is not directly related to bases, I will delete it without warning!!!

-They can be of anyone or anything. Celebrities, non-celebrities, tv programs, movies, body parts, landscapes, objects etc...
***The exception to this is that I will not tolerate any base posts/requests that include Spike and Riley from BTVS. There are to be no BTVS shipper posts/requests of the following:


Any posts or requests that involve these people or shippers will be immediately deleted.

-You must have 3 or 4 bases as a preview/teaser and the rest need to go under an lj-cut or a link to another journal.

-Understand that when you post your bases on this site, you are allowing other people to take your bases and customize them to their own likings. This is not a site for textless icons, do not post them here.

-Please credit the people who made the bases that you take either in keywords, your userinfo or a Resource post. If you took the pictures for your bases from another site/person, please credit that site/person accordingly.

-Requests for bases are allowed. But only the official basemakers (listed below) and myself are allowed to fill them. So when you request bases, they will be made by us and no one else.

-Before requesting ANYTHING, please browse through the memories to see if whether or not what you want has already been posted!

-The official request post is located here. Any request that you have must be done as a comment to that post.

-When requesting you should include the following:
1. What you need bases of. Please be specific. It can be for celebrities, TV shows, movies, objects, landscapes, certain body parts etc...
2. If requesting a TV Show or Movie, PLEASE name some of the characters/actors you favor. Don't just say that you want a whole movie/episode done. We'll get pissy.
3. If you have any helpful links to the images, that would be appreciated. Again, (I can't stress this enough) be as specific as possible!!!!!!!!

-It is NOT GUARANTEED that all requests will be filled. Though we shall try our hardest to fill them all.



Check the memories for a routinely updated and neatly organized archive of all the bases that were posted at this community. You might find what you're looking for more easily that way.

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Header and icon by karanna1


When you post please include the following:

Subject(s) in the bases: _ (you would put the person, persons or whatever your bases are of here)
How Many Bases: _
Preview: _ (you would put the 3 or 4 bases as a preview here)

Ryan Phillippe bases
114 bases under the cut
Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com


1. karanna1 (MODERATOR)
2. punkette4vab (ASST. MODERATOR)
3. shizukuchan
4. machine_battery
5. ashy_lfc_fan
6. secret0window
7. sparklingeye
8. shalowater
9. x_x_emilina
10. ...you?...

Many available positions for official basemakers - apply if you want to be one!!!!!!


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If you would like to affiliate with Don't Be So Base, make a comment.

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